Masters Of The Universe - He-Man

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Here you can find Masters of The Universe Action Figures by Mattel from the 80s.
He-Man and The Masters of the Universe was a cartoon series that ran in the early 80s, The show spawned a toy line that has gone down in action figure history.
Masters of the Universe, which is commonly abbreviated to MOTU and sometimes referred to as He-Man is a media franchise created by Mattel. The main premise revolves around the conflict between the heroic He-Man, real name Prince Adam, and the evil Skeletor on the planet Eternia. Later spin-offs, especially She-Ra, Princess Of Power, also featured He-Man's sister She-Ra and her struggle against the Evil Horde, along with other planets/settings. Since its initial launch, the franchise has spawned a variety of products, including six lines of action figures, four animated television series, several comic series, a daily newspaper comic strip, and a feature film.