Enamel Pin Badge ☆ Masters Toy Pin - Battle He-Head

High Quality Soft Enamel Pin Badges Vintage Action Figure Themed
Our vintage action figure themed 'Enamel Pin Badges' are based on some of the most popular Action Figures from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. They are a great gift for that vintage action figure collector that wants to show off their passion with these high quality soft enamel designs.

Vintage Masters Toy Pins Range: BATTLE HE-HEAD
Featuring a High quality soft enamel pin badge. 
Size: 38mm
Clutch: Metal Clutch
Plating: Black Dye Metal Plating 
Vibrant Colours

Grab yours today! First and only production run.
you can also find these in our Limited 'VHS Toy Flashback Gift Sets' Available only at The Toy Scavenger (while stocks last) 

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