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Here you can find Aliens Action Figures by Kenner. 
Kenner Products was an American toy company founded in 1947. Throughout its history the Kenner brand produced several highly recognizable toys and merchandise lines, including the original series of Star Wars action figures. The company was closed by its corporate parent Hasbro in 2000.
In 1979, Kenner unveiled the 18" Alien Doll, but parents complained about it so much that the toy manufacturer had to pull it from shelves. Around Alien 3's release in 1992, Kenner came out with a new series of Aliens action figures. UK versions had different packaging with collapsed bubbles and multiple languages. The US releases include short Dark Horse comics, some UK Cards came with special 3D space base pieces that could be assembled together, and others had collectible trading cards. Take a look at The Toy Scavenger blog for more information